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Monday                             Roll ups

Tuesday                             Roll ups

Wednesday                      Ladies bowls - 9.00 am start (names to be in by 8.30am)

Thursday                           Men's bowls - 1.00pm start.  Raffle.

Friday                                 Roll ups

Saturday                           Mixed bowls - 8.45am start  |  Men's bowls - 1.30pm start

Sunday                              Social bowls





Twenty eight players took to the green for the Loveys IGA sponsored Blind Draw Competition.  There were some close games and one lopsided game.  It appears that we get one runaway winner each week and the winning team this week was:-

Jodey Thompson - Ken Bryant - Steve(sleepy ) Higgins who defeated Harry Cox - Chris Pritchard - Robert Hayes 30-14 (18+16)

Runners up were Terry Davies - Joe Pfiefer - Rob Heininger defeated Mike Way - Bob Jones - Kevin Everett 21-15 (16+6)

Other results were:

Noel Cook - Peter Sansom - Vic Hebblewhite defeated Clive Redman - Alex Laurie - Mark Tull 18-14 (16+4)

Col Beattie - Stephen Hurworth - Neville Atkins defeated Paul Young - Terry Carson - George Wisemantel 17-16 (14+1) 

Ian Tull - Mark Groves drew with Norm McLeod - Ron Jones 17-17 (14.5+0).

Next week is the last round of the Loveys IGA Blind Draw Competition and our leader Jodey Thompson has a four point lead which will be hard to run down. The leading point scorers are:-

19pts Jodey Thompson

15pts Vic Hebblewhite and George Wisemantel

14pts Noel Cook

13Pts Col Beattie, Ken Bryant and Neville Atkins

The Jackpot did not go off and will be over $900 next week.



A couple of late entries gave us a starting field of eighteen players for the Saturday morning mixed bowls. One of the late entries was a new arrival in town by the name of Doug Bright, welcome Doug. The green was watered and rolled the day before which made for a very fast and true green.  The winners on the day were:-

Bob Cross - Alex Laurie - Steve Kriss who defeated Sue Cross - Penny Gibson - Dennis Bartlett  24-10  (17+14). Dennis must have been overwhelmed playing with two lovely ladies.

Other results were:

Terry Davies - Paul Young - Peter Sansom defeated David Hjorth - Rob Gibson - Kevin Everett  20-18  (14+2)

Doug Bright - Joe Pfiefer - Ben Phillpott defeated John Hughes - Julie Kriss - Stephen Hurworth   18-17 (14+1)



The final of the Men's Pairs Championship was finally played on Saturday afternoon with father and son, Col Hebblewhite and Beau Hebblewhite defeating Mark Groves and Ken Bryant 27-18. Congratulations to all four players for making the final and special congrats to the Hebby's on their win!



Sunday was a big bowls day with the final of the Mixed Triples, sponsored by Gloucester Furniture Zone and Flooring and round one of the Mixed Pairs, sponsored by The Tyre Mobb, all playing at the same time.  It was a sight for sore eyes  to see all seven rinks full with everyone in uniform. The results of the Round One Pairs will be in next week’s issue as there are still two more games to be played during the week. The Gloucester Furniture Zone and Flooring Mixed Triples Final turned out to be a little lopped sided affair. The winning team of Joan Ridgeway - Neville Atkins and Tony Tersteeg lost the first end 1-0 then won the second end with a 7, to be leading 7-1 and were never in trouble from then on, winning 23-11. Result:

Joan Ridgeway - Neville Atkins - Tony Tersteeg defeated Jill Everett - Terry Carson - Helen Banks 23-11 

Congratulations to both sides for making the final and extra congrats to the winners.


Thank you to all who turned up for Luis Urby's memorial to celebrate this remarkable man's life.


Good news , Spokesy came through his operation ok.


𝗦𝗲𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗼𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗚𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗻ツ












As we start to wind down to our Christmas break we only had two rinks of Social Triples

played today in much cooler conditions.  Each team had to nominate two ends of power play of which, if they won that end, they doubled their score.

The results for the games were:

M Moore - J Burley - K Green had a draw with C Tull - P Gibson - B Murray 20-20

J Kriss - J Ridgeway - D Pritchard defeated K O’Brien - L Ratcliffe - D Buckton 21-8


Ladies don’t forget to mark your name off for the Christmas party, the sheet is on the board.  Also you are required to bring a gift to the value of $15, you can start and bring them in any time from now on as our Christmas party is only 3 weeks away!


𝗦𝗲𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗼𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗚𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗻ツ

𝗝𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝗛𝗶𝗴𝗵



On the 23 July 1952, 21 ladies met at the Gloucester Bowling Club to form the first ladies committee. Mrs W Dignam was unanimously elected President, Vice Presidents were Mrs Carson and Mrs V West, Secretary was Mrs N Bates, Treasurer Mrs Creagh.


At this time the ladies were playing bowls with the men’s Club and were assisting them in providing amenities for the Club by holding several fund-raising functions and helped by catering whenever requested by the men’s club.


The women didn’t have uniforms and played in tennis frocks and coloured socks for two years. In a very short time by February 1953 Gloucester Women’s Club had 37 registered bowlers with the New South Wales Women’s Bowling Association.


Today the Club is thriving with 35 registered playing members, 7 social Members and 1 associated member and nine of these registered members have been acquired in the past two years. This is a great achievement considering a lot of country clubs are struggling to remain viable in a changing world. Thanks to a proactive and nurturing Committee and membership base we have been able to achieve this enviable result.

We will continue our membership drives and orientation days in 2021 with enthusiastic vigour welcoming all into the fold.


The Gloucester Women’s Bowling Club holds its annual Gala Day in July or August each year. This carnival has been very successful particularly in the last couple of years especially with the return of the grass green, enabling up to 28 teams to participate.


Our hospitality and reputation for good and generous home-style cooking entices a lot of return players from far and wide.


The ladies’ bowls day is Wednesday and is mufti unless you are participating in a competition match. All visitors are most welcome. Morning tea is served at 9 am, names in by 9 am and commencement of play is 9.15 am.


Gloucester ladies also participate in district Pennants and were successful in 2018 with a grade 5 Pennant Flag.


Mixed bowls is played on Saturday morning commencement of play is 9.30 am in uniform, once again we would welcome anyone to join us on the green for great bowling and good companionship.

Anyone wishing to know more regarding Gloucester Ladies Bowls should contact:

President: Dianna Lockwood on 0447919278 or Secretary: Kerrie Green on 0408 377 471

20230222_093506 (2).jpg



Ladies logo.jpg
Interested in playing bowls - Daylight Saving Time from 28.09.2023.png
Life Members 2023 AGM.png

At the AGM, Allan “Toby” Wilson & Colin Hebblewhite were honoured and acknowledged as Life Members of Gloucester Bowling & Recreation Club. Such well-deserved recognition to both gentlemen for their dedication and contribution to the Men’s Bowls Club and the sport of lawn bowls in our town. Congratulations Toby and Col!

2023-2024 Committee.png
use 2.jpg


Memberships start from $15 per year.

We have four classes of membership: 

  • Full Bowling Member (Male) 

  • Full Bowling Member (Female) 

  • Full Social Member 

  • Junior Sporting Member 

Download a membership application form here or ask our friendly bar team next time you stop by

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